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Get to know Benny

The "Google Guru", the "Social Media Swami", the "Team Building Therapist". With his degree in Creative Writing, you might wonder why he couldn't come up with this description himself.  Benny has extensive knowledge about running a small business from operations to marketing but hates to toot his own horn. He can get you set up with an effective Google and Facebook ads campaign and make sure you have the knowledge to make smart budgetary decisions. Having trouble getting the team to mesh? Benny will invite your team to come together over food and fun entertainment to hash out differences and work together. Afterwards, he will sit down with team leaders and give them a plan of action to help maintain a strong team dynamic. If you are looking for an overall look into how to improve your business (and make more money), Benny is the man for the job!


All about Amanda

After pursuing marketing in college as a minor, I never really thought of myself as a marketer. Creativity, art, and Public Relations were not my strong suits. Then, I landed a sweet gig selling family fun! After 10 years of not-so-quietly influencing the marketing of a multi-million dollar business, I was trusted to direct the entire marketing and sales team. It was then that I learned that my love for numbers, organization, and overcoming challenges were exactly the strong suits that my new "marketing job" needed. No, I still can't draw. But I am pretty good at coming up with great sales and marketing strategies and figuring out what's not working. Together we will come up with the right strategy for all your channels. I will help you create a website that sells, organize and automate your campaigns and monitor your analytics to help you make smart business decisions.